Friday, April 11, 2008

Great things about going to bed Drunk :)

You probably didnt take your makeup off, therefore, no need to put it back on in the morning. (Added bonus, Smokey mascara!) ** Please note, this only works for the eye makeup. I don't wear face make up but I could only imagine that you would wake up with tons of blemishes if you tried this with that.

You probably didnt undress fully before falling into bed, therefore, no need to choose an out fit in the morning or go through that tedious task of dressing int he morning... you are already dressed!

Late night snacks taste better. Even if they are low carb ;)

No laying in bed forever trying to fall asleep. Passing out takes care of all that business.

Guaranteed fun dreams!

Silly phone calls make me laugh.

Silly text messeges are even better because the laughs get to continue in the morning when you re-live all the fun you and your friends had the night before.

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