Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What did we learn, Kids?

So last night was Paige and I's New Years Eve Party- It was FUN! Lots of people, tons of dancing (Rock, slow and swing,) lots of food, lots of cocktails, lots of bubbly, TONS of Cheer! Had to actually ask my guests to leave at 6 AM because I was dunzo! There were still at about 10 people here!
Overwhelmingly, I know it down to my bones, like I know my eyes are brown, 2008 is going to be a BIG year.
Paulie and I were talking about it. He feels it too.
It is as though everything that happened last year was all putting things into motion, leading up to big craziness to come this year.
We just know it.
I'll check back in 365 days from now and remind you that I was right.
This year I will figure some big things out.
There are a few things I need to figure out.
I will have clarity soon.

On a side note...
Just watched an episode of Family Guy that I've never seen before... The one where they all get doused in Toxic Waste and develop super powers... Really funnny!

So for the Year in Review.

Best Shows: Office, Ugly Betty, Chuck, Project Runway, Top Chef
Best Movies: JUNO, Superbad, No Country for Old Men, Knocked Up, ummm..I only keep thinking of what is out now....
Worst Movie to see on a Holiday: I am Legend
Best Book: Heroin Diaries
Favorite Store: Patricia Field
Most Memorable Concerts: MIA, the Shins, Jimmy Eat World, The Sounds,Dinosaur Jr.
Record: MIA- KALA
Favroite Drink: Kettle One and Soda

Personal Accomplishments:
New Job
Raise at new job
Bonus at new job
Completed Paying off college debt
Stepped up the style
New Apartment
No more car
2 weddings
Ended Year not broke.

Other Memorable Moments:
2 Weddings
Growing interest in wine
Pistons and Tigers in the Playoffs
Started this Blog.... need to do more with it
Lots of Cooking

Hmm.... that was randum huh?
Oh well- New world order happening soon!