Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Music Reviews

No. I am not reviewing music. I am reviewing Music and Album reviews.
What the is with all of the self-indulgent, I-know-the-English-language-and-all-of-its-flowery-metaphors-and-analigies-better-than-you-do-and-I-am-going-to-show-off-in-a-completely-irrelevant-and-un-readable-and-undecipherable-review-of-a-record-you-may-like-but-don't-want-to-touch-now-because-you-THINK-maybe -I-Just-told-you-it-was-crap?

Forget it! If it takes more effort to read a review than it takes to buy/download and listen to it... then 9 out of 10 people.... aren't going to read the review... I wish magazines and labels would hip themselves to that already-
I would so much rather read a really spazzy and excited review that seeps into me and makes me enthusiastic about a release, than some incoherent rambling musing about god knows what that is just truly gibberish to my eyes that will translate to SILENCE in my ear becuase I left reading the review not any closer to buying the album. The point is to trasnlate excitement or digust! So do just that!

Just sayin'.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Im Sorry!

I need to make a more concerted effort to keep up the blog. I know that. And I'm sorry.
ok. there. Done. I know.
Back to life though, work is good, DONE with the Pepsi Monster... for now. It all went well culminating with a trip tp Pepsi HQ in Purchase, NY... Kiiiiind of erie there not gonna lie... not because of the edward-scissorhand-esque lawn of the Pepsi Campus... not because everyone in that city is SOOOO NICE!!! ... but because it was right where someone I know almost bought a house... and it's weird... the only 2 times I've been to Purchase... they've been to the exact same area.... Kind of like when you catch a TV show you never really see... I usually end up catching the same episode the first two times I see it... Oh well...
Went shopping with Jay today (Ugh he is too fabulous for words and I LOVE shopping with him) and took total advantage of the end-of-the-season sales... Shoyld have spent about $700 on these three peices but spent less than a quarter of that!
Oh and as for my apaprtment, my room is finally 99% finished thank GOD! The furniture I was eyeing since September, I finally purchased... along with some other finishing goodies... I Finally had the free time to get out to Long Island for the day and I did pretty well out there too... Time to slow down the spending... after I purchase my ticket for Vegas in June (!!!) Going with Charlene... I expect nothing less than total outrageousness for every minute that we are there. Because we will not sleep. Promise.
Trying to get mom to take me with her to Palestine on her impending trip... we'll see if she deems it safe enough for me. I am excited... been to Jordan... Dying to See Palestine... not reeeeeaaalllly dying for international drama though and so I will leave the decision up to mom. But if she says yes, I am going for sure!
What else.... nothing much- great weekend... long and lazy... just relaxing and hanging out with Paige and hre BFF from England who is with us for the week... Cant wait for the project runway finale! I say Chris should beat Rami for the tents and Christain will take it all in the end... mark my words people... anyone want to go in on a bet with me??
I really do need to figure out a theme for this blogs soon... need to gain more of a following....

Monday, February 4, 2008

Dude Magnet

Are you a dude with a female boss?
Have you ever had a female boss?
Can you tell me if something about having a female boss is a turn-on?
Seems like most of the dudes that like me lately or.. umm... hahahaha- "Put the moves" on me... are dudes I've hired.
I know there is some phychological complex that explains that...
I need to start hiring HOT dudes... who aren't already my friends....