Friday, December 28, 2007


So the Pistons are doing well... Number 2 in the country... The Wings are kicking ass and taking names... Detroit is sick as always- Being home is always the best-
My favorite is the usual- Driving to meet friends... catching up with others during the drive... hitting my favorite boutiques... I love being home... it's just home!
Said good-bye to my brother tonight for at least the next 3 or 4 months and it tore my heart out. It gets harder and harder but hey... that's life right?
Been relaxing a lot and watching a ton of TV lately and there have been all of these wrap-up specials for the year 2007.
I feel like I should do something like that... I'll sit on it and get back to you.
In the meantime, see Juno. That one will for sure be my Number 1 movie of the year.
And don't see I am legend.
And kiss your mothers.
My mom told me she is proud of me today after hearing me work on the phone today-
She said I made her head spin... and that she's proud of her baby.
I love her and I love that.
Back to NYC day after tomorrow- I have a party to prepare for... a new year to usher in personally :)
Next year is going to be a big one.
I can feel it in my bones and at the very root of every hair folicle on my body.
How could it not be?
So many things this year were lining up to lead into so much more.
Safe to say, I am ready for it all.
Bring it world.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Do I have to?

I just want to be alone.
That's all.
And in the scheme of dating and relationships, I just want to be alone.
No one believes me.
I'm sick of people telling me what I want, or what I should want...
What I really want is just to be alone.
It's my decision.
Not anyone else's.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


been too long- Sorry about that-
Been insanely busy with work.... I'm builing a Monster.
Building a monster.
As my friends are being laid off left and right and the weather grows scary outside I am beginning to settle into my usual winter hibernation.
As I prance around the city in my "Babooshka" AKA- my furry hat that is NOTHING LIKE an actual baboosska, and un-intentionally neo-nazi-inspired coat and boots, I am reminded that I am happy to be in NY.
This year, I am pledging to do something different.
Not a resolution- a life/routine habit.
As I was driving my free-upgraded to SUV rental vehicle all over a snowy and gross Ohio today, listening to Beyond by Donisaur Jr., I came to a realization.
There are things that i want for myself that I can obtain.
I want to work on those things every day.
I need to focus.
"We're men!"
Cleveland was amazing and seeing my ladies and driving around my old town that i was at one time "The Toast Of," running into friends around every corner, hearing my best bud's dood pour his heart out to me about how he will marry her on day, drinking the best effing glass of wine i've had in a long time and waking up to photos I didnt remember taking all remind me that my life is grand.
My friends are incredible people.
I feel proud that the massive ntowrk of people I love are still able to smile when they see me.
woke up and again, didnt want to leave.
But I am happy.
Like I said, Life is grand... and soon it will be all more grander!