Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A funny thing happened to me on the train tonight...

I was leaving Astoria tonight and, of course, the wait for the train was uber long and I struck up small talk with the interesting looking gentlemann stading next to me on the cold windy platform as we waited over 20 minutes for the stupid N to come....
Conversation went from energy to raw food and vegetariaism to government and it came about that he let me know that he is an information designer....thisis his profession- of course this peaked my interest and i asked him to tell me more about what he does. He has a lab at Parsons and literally, his job is to look into waves of human social cycles and events and try to map out patterns and hypothesis on human interaction and future events-.. we talked for over an hour, or rather, he talked and I listened- and i have to say it was the most interesting conversation with someone that i have had in a long long time- quite possible in years-
I dont know how well whomever is reading this knows me, but if you have ever met me, you may have realized/noticed that I ask a lot of question, thirst for knowledge and am infinatley curious about pretty much everything-
My co-workers think I am so weird (haha they say "eclectic") because i have all of these random random bits of info that no one even thinks to learn about...
So anyways- not sure what my point was- but i was invigorated by this occurance tonight- and it encouraged me (in some dum dum way) to even take a chance on he trasfer and my F came right away! too bad it ran on the ACE line after 4th and i wound up in SOHO. Oh well... could have been worse... thank the lord for cabs, however if it werent for the train... I wouldnt have met this most interesting character

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Slept till 3:30 today

there. happy now?
i posted.
may i just ask..... why is it that it is necessary that i have to go into work this weekend?
ugh... i'll never be happy. i get what i want. and 9 times out of 10, that thing that 've gotten that i wanted, fails to bring me the happiness that i was assuming it would bring.
blah blah blah.....

Friday, January 2, 2009

Back again

Alright. I will blog more to keep a running note on how my life takes shape over time and also because my friends yell at me to write more.
I got this nifty little netbook (Thank you Brother-in-law/secret santa!!) so it should be a lot easier and now you will all know what is happening in my life.
I think that will be it for now. I want a nap. It is January 2nd. I was a mess all day yesterday but I did see Slumdog Millionaire with Kelley G in Brooklyn. I am seriously thinking of moving back to Brooklyn this year. I love it there. Not that Alphabet City isn't great. It is. But... I dunno... I like the way I feel in Brooklyn. It's not necessarily better... just different.

Either way, the movie was great and the fact the M.I.A. was super involved in the soundtrack helped my love for it too. I am buying the soundtrack for that this weekend... I have a gift card to Virgin I need to use before they close.Lame.
Oh. And Milk was amazing too. James Fracno, Sean Penn and that Hirsch kid effing KILLED IT. I think Hirsch is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors. Nevermind that speed racer crap. He was amazing as Jay Adams in Lords of Dogtown.
Ok I'm out. Nap time then party time