Saturday, November 17, 2007


I can tell you this. He works in mysterious ways and I couldn't be more grateful for that fact than I am at this moment.
Sometimes... its a good thing that there is someone or something out there that is looking over me.
My judgement sucks.
I will be the first to admit that about the life and times of Madamme Quaze.
I dont pretend to have good judgement in people. That would be the most naive thing I could ever say about myself.
The proof is there.
I am horrible at reading people.
I am an etrnal optimist and like to believe the best in people.
I have to get used to it.
some people are just bad.
some people are just blind.
some people are just all wrong about life in general.
and when I go against my beter judgement, something out there steps in and takes care of me.
And for whomever or whatever that is... be it a friend or as a last resort, destiny, timing, fate, karma, what-have-you... they step in and take care of me.
And at this most thankful time of year, I will thank that other-worldy entity... for taking care of me in the end.
I like to take care of myself, and i like to surround people that I can be confident that if need be, they will take care of me.
Everyone should.
So for whatever it was that bitch-slapped me back into a place of peace tonight, I would like to say thank you.
I see now.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

360 Deals

Just read the big New York Times article about record labels and their 360-degree deals with bands. It is interesting to see where the music industry as a whole is heading.

The first time I heard about deals of this sort was with Korn and their asinine deal a few years ago. That one made sense as I asked myself, "Why would a band do that?" Give up a piece of something they have no idea what may one day be... But for Korn? That made sense. They were on their way out... they were most likely not about to be bangin' out another big hit record or two that would have made them the kind of money they signed for... and who knows how long the baggy, strap-laden pants-wearing, fake-dreaded suburban hot-topic shoppers were going to keep dropping $20-$50 to see their smelly asses.... so sure... yes that made sense. It also makes sense for a band like Paramore who are building their identities on the road; much like Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance did for years before they finally "Made it." And good for Fueled By Ramen for helping and nurturing them and giving them tour support no matter what. I can definitely name a few labels that can’t offer that for bands with no proven track record. And it even makes sense for Madonna to do it too... Because as we all know, she may not be selling as many CDs as she used to... but she still tours and BANKS off of those tours... ok, so maybe it doesn’t make TOTAL sense for her to do it... she does make the majority of her music bucks off of touring... so she should have kept that in house and to herself.... if she was dealing on the scale of what Paramore got, but she got $120 million. The interesting thing about her deal, though, is that it wasn’t a label that signed her. It was Live Nation, which for Madonna makes some sense as she gains the most over her revenue these days off of touring. That deal will take the guesswork out of much of those plans as well as ensure, no matter what, she will walk away with pockets lined. It is an exciting time, as people are finally beginning to figure out GOOD ways to keep the music industry alive as well as help their artists. It is thrilling to see Artist Development become a priority once again, as labels seemed to have figured out that they need those artists to keep them going... not just over-priced, alcohol-fueled dinners with other managers, third party investors and radio programmers. I can’t wait for the day when artists are no longer as disposable as they seem to have been for so long. With plans like these 360 degree deals as well as new sources of revenue like the expansion and exploitation of the mobile content biz.... I just hope that it will be enough to make a solid impact…
The RIAA going after people may seem like a logical way to make an example of individuals in hopes to scare illegal downloaders straight, but everyone I know that heard about that first case going to court laughed it off with a "That would never happen to me" nonchalance. Hopefully the new extras and goodies that come with the sale of a CD breeds new physical property fans because those of us that love the smell of vinyl and holding the album artwork in our hands as we first pop in a new album and read along with the lyrics as we check production notes are few and far between and becoming less so every day.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Random Thoughts and Selctions from the Life of Curious Jessy

I would like to start this one off with: Does anyone else realize that there is a HUM song in a CADILLAC commercial??
I just think that is pretty rad. I love Cadillacs.

Someone a long time ago, as I was asking them to leave my life, said something that I HATE but has stuck with me. He said, "No one will ever appreciate you like I do." At first I thoght he was being pompus, but he was never pompus before, and it wasn't in his character to behave that way. The point to this is, I am really starting to believe his words.

I am begining to go to more comedy shows. I suggested my friends and I go to one on Friday night- we did and it was really fun. what better place to go when you are out with friends? You are guaranteed to laugh together! And I even got a few heclkes in that got the crowd to laugh- so we were all winners!

In relation to that last random thought- I would like to say that on Friday night, I had one of those amazin nights I would like to have more often, but I dont think my body could weather. Sushi, then a listening party, then a bar, then comedy show, then another bar, then a diner and then ALMOST to Central Park but it was 5 Am and I was pretty tired and fairly drunk... Home and bed. It was great-at every point in the night, No one wanted to go home. It was just- where to next??

Cooked an amazing Veg Lasagna yesterday. It was about all I was up for... Even made my own Marinara sauce! Mmmmmmm! Been eating that for 2 days now!

Lastly, I am updating my iTunes. It is actualy kind of catarctic. So much different musi from so many different parts of my life. I swear, if anyone cruised my iPod they may feel the need to have me checked for psychological damage. It is just too extra.

been listening to a lot of Simon and Garfunkel lately. And Modest Mouse (OLD Modest Mouse) ... and Pinback.
Its fall what can I say?

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Is it just me, or do you think that people who ride their bikes on the sidwalks are pussies too?